Registration, Submission & Calendar

Registration & Submission

2021 Entry/Nomination Confirmed fees
The fees in Global Talent Awards vary depending on the submission date and in the 2021 program

Regular entry fees, by 28 Apr, 2021 (11:59pm )
$ 400 per submission (Induviduals/Team/Department)
$ 800 per submission (Company)

Late entry fees, by 18 Apr, 2021 (11:59pm PST)
$ 450 per submission (Induviduals/Team/Department)
$ 850 per submission (Company)

Multiple entries:
Companies may submit any number of entries to any of the categories in Best in Global Talent Award 2021. This includes submitting different entries in different categories, as well as submitting the same entry in multiple categories. Since each entry is judged separately in each category it is submitted in, entries submitted in multiple categories are eligible to win multiple awards.

It may not even be necessary to create an entirely new submission. We have found that the same entry may be perfectly applicable to multiple categories with minimal to no tweaks

Quantity discount:
Companies submitting 5 or more entries/Individuals submitting 2 or more entries are eligible for a 12% discount on their submission fee total.

There is no limit on the number of entries a company may submit as multiple submissions are encouraged.

Methods of payment:
Mastercard, Visa American Express, Stripe & Paypal are accepted methods of payment in the online entry system. Additionally, if you prefer to pay by check or bank transfer, please contact us for detailed payment instructions.

Please feel free to contact Global Talent Awards for any additional information.

Global Talent Awards 2021 trophy and other merchandise orders

Global Talent Awards 2021 winners can order stylish award trophies to
commemorate their achievement below. The custom trophy design features
brushed brass or aluminum, painted aluminum and a brushed aluminum base.
Custom engraving
All trophies are custom engraved with the 2021 winners’ logo and the
following information:
Category name
Presented to (In case of Induviduals/Team/Department)
Company name
Category name

In executive categories, the executive’s name is also listed, prior to the
company name.

In product and CSR, media, PR and other categories, “for Product name /
Campaign title” may be added after the company name, as appropriate.

Shipping info:
Please note that complimentary custom, unique Global Talent Award 2021 are shipped to all winners’ addresses in UAE, India, and Nepal at no additional charge.

A shipping may be included charge of $50 per trophy will apply to all shipped outside of the above regions, to be added to to shipment.

Please note as each award is custom produced and engraved, please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. Depending on your shipping location, shipping times may vary.

Awards Calendar

Companies/Individual can submit any number of entries to any of the categories in any of the Global Talent Awards, including India, Dubai and Rest Of The World. Entering and/or winning one of the Global Talent Awards annual programs does not preclude a company/induvidual from participating and potentially winning in the other program, in the same or different award categories.

9-Feb-2021 Entries open in Global Talent Awards 2021
9-Mar-2021 Early entry deadline in Global Talent Awards 2021
28-Mar-2021 Regular entry deadline in Global Talent Awards 2021
15-Apr-2021 Late entry deadline in Global Talent Awards 2021
20-Apr – 21 Apr 2021 Judging takes place in Global Talent Awards 2021
22-Apr – 28 Apr 2021 Winners notified in Global Talent Awards 2021
XX-May & XX-May Official winner announcement in Global Talent Awards 2021

All calendar dates are subject to change. This page is regularly updated to reflect any such changes.