About Us

Global Talent Award is a way to recognize the various achievements in the field of Education, Hospitality, Real estate, and various other genres of work. This award giving has been discovered to honor various small scale and large scale business ideas. Global Talent Awards helps the world to identify and recognize the achievers in various fields. Which in return helps their companies in the form of advertisement. Your talent holds the key to the success in Global Talent Awards. 

Everyone is talented in some unique way, therefore Global Talent Awards has such diversity in its genres. People will get recognized for their own unique talent, be it Education, Digital Marketing, Banking, or various other categories that only Global Talent awards provide you. 

Various Genres That We Cover

Automotive & Ancillary

Healthcare, Life Sciences & Pharma

Hospitality: Aviation Travel & Tourism

Hospitality: Hotels and Restaurant

Education: K-12

Education: Higher Education

Education: Vocational Education


Real Estate & Infrastructure

Banking Finance and Insurance

SaaS & IT

Recruitment HR & Corporate Training

Logistics & Transportation

Retail and Consumer 



Digital Marketing & Brand

Small scale and large scale Start Ups

CSR: Social Engineering

We have seen many Global Award giving shows or sites, but the number of genres that Global Talent Awards cover is next to none. Our organisers try to come up with the best possible results, with only the deservings and hard working companies or individuals being awarded. Global Talent Awards are not like many other stereotypic award giving, where only big names or famous ideas win, it is all about your dedication and contribution to our society in some way or the other.